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6 things you must know about CEH V9 Certification

You must be wondering how can being a hacker be a profession. To understand that, you must first know that becoming an ethical hacker is a valued profession these days. With the growing number of IT security breaches and massive hacks taking place in big as well as small organisations; ethical hackers are very much in demand. Quite a lot of businesses and their customers have been affected due to these hacking occurrences, where they have lost millions of money. Not to mention, the irreparable reputation damage that came with it. This is majorly why, the need of ethical hackers has risen as businesses have started to realise the importance of employing them in order to tackle or block the malice and vulnerability caused by ‘black hat’ hackers. 

The ethical hacking professionals work to stop malicious hackers by using the same tools and techniques involved by cyber criminals. The only difference is that an ethical hacker spots a hole or flaw in the security system and works on it to close the IT systems’ security vulnerabilities.

The ideal way to start a career as an ethical hacking professional is to gain a
CEH V9 Certification.  You can opt for the online courses, which offer you the opportunity to learn directly from certified experts or even professional ethical hackers, who are associated with prominent organisations.

Here is a list of things that you should know before you enrol for a
CEH V9 Certification course:

1) Standard certification course

For other lines of professional courses, there is a variety of levels of experience, diverse functions, different sides (technical or managerial), etc. to choose from. But in case of an ethical hacker, the choice is much easier. The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a standard course, which is also considered as the gold standard. V9 is the latest version of CEH. It was introduced by the end of 2015, designed to offer exceptionally comprehensive coverage of the most recent techniques and approaches of hacking. This course is based upon the proficiency of the world-class experts from the EC-Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants).

2) Broad Scope

The scope of the CEH V9 certification course is very wide. It is designed in such a way, that you will gain exposure to more than 2200 hacker tools that you can use to block ‘black hat’ hackers ethically.

3) No Previous Experience Required

There is no need for any past experience to be eligible for this line of profession. The EC-Council recommends two years’ of experience in the domain of IT security, but that too is flexible if you have any IT-related academic qualifications. This is required only because it is difficult to achieve adequate practice in ethical hacking and also to ensure you are not accidently breaking any laws in the process.

4) Creative and Experimental Course

Ethical hacking involves certified professionals working to tackle and close the vulnerabilities of the IT security system which may pose a threat from malicious hacking. This is done by using the same tools and methodologies used by ‘black hat’ hackers against them to deal with the problem or close the risk of getting hacking by fixing a hole in the system. Ethical hackers are expected to have a mind-set of creative thinking and child-like curiosity to come up with
unexpected ways of exposing the hackers. The CEH course teaches you to think like a hacker to find experimental and exploratory ideas.

5) Great responsibility 

The job of an ethical hacker comes with a lot of power and so it involves a strong sense of responsibility. The CEH course teaches you the same techniques and tools that ‘black hat’ hackers use for malicious hacking, so it is mandatory to sign a form stating that you will not misuse that knowledge and use it only for ethical purposes. According to the Computer Misuse Act, explicit permission from the owner is required for involving in ethical hacking of that entity’s security system. As an ethical hacker, you must follow a code of conduct.

6) Good package

With the growing number of cyber-attacks in our present day, the demand for certified ethical hacking professionals is rising. Due to that, the salaries of this profession are rapidly driving up too. Businesses are willing to pay their skilled ethical hacking staff adequately, as long as they can combat malicious attacks and save their business from suffering losses.
The CEH V9 Certification course will not only enable you to validate your expertise, but also boost your employment prospects.
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