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A trip to Thailand- Know the best places to visit

Thailand, Southeast Asian country known for tropical beaches and royal palaces. Ancient temples displaying figures of Buddha are also very famous and must visit places. A pleasant and peaceful country which always attracts visitors with its major tourist spots. Many people wish to go to Thailand even for once in their lifetime to explore the ultramodern cityscapes, temples, sceneries, pleasant atmosphere, etc. The place also offers luxury homes in Thailand which facilitates the pleasant stay of the tourist throughout the year.

Many questions that come to your mind while planning a trip or tour to a country. Those are like “where to go?”, “what are the best tourist attractions?”” what are the places worth visiting?”

 Thailand is always a pleasure to visit and here's the list of places you must not miss to visit in Thailand:
o   Bangkok’s grand palace:
This grand palace is built for the capital after the destruction of Ayutthaya. It is a 21800 sq. meter walled city consisting of royal residences, government offices, Buddhist temples, and priceless work of art. All together takes a minimum of 3-4 hours to explore the site. The must-see building in this grand palace is the royal monastery of the Emerald Buddha. There is a strict rule in this palace when comes to dressing.
o   Damneon Saduak floating market:
Many like to go a trip on the boat and we usually buy things, vegetables, fruits in the market. So what if we can enjoy both at the same time, yes, Thailand has this weird combination for you to be thrilled. This floating market is sure an attraction for the tourists. Experiencing the flurry and sensations of the floating market from a long-tail boat is worth spending time. Mornings will be beautiful for the whole day. Fruits, clothing, food and fresh produce are available for you in this beautiful market. If you do not want to visit the market with a group, you can hire the driver for yourself. You can also eat on the boat as you see the market.
o   Chiang Mai Street:
Another name to this street is “rose of the earth”. It has its own attractions like beautiful Buddha temples, plentiful restaurants, and spirited nightlife. If you want to really enjoy the street, then you must go by the night. People from all over the world got impressed by the Chiang Mai’s laid-back culture. It is heavily rushed on Sunday because it is a holiday. It is also called as “The Sunday night market” or “The walking street”.
o   Elephant Nature Park:
This park also is in Chiang Mai. Animal lovers find this place the most attracting and peaceful place in the country. This pale is a rescue and rehabilitation center for elderly and injured elephants. They are free to wander in the park, bathe, eat, and interact with park guests. The idea of the park is to make the old elephants to peaceful and happy.

There are many other holiday destination ideas than those which are listed above but, the mentioned ones are the most loved  one by the visitors. Make sure you go for the trip and visit all the places listed and unlisted and have a happy and peaceful tour.
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