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All you need to know about half-life of Anavar

Searle is a renowned pharmaceutical company that produced Anavar. It is an anabolic steroid that is with us since 1964. The drug is safe for women and children for medical conditions, but it is seen to interact with the testosterone hormone and affects libido in both men and women. It is preferred mostly in males to stack Anavar with testosterone to counteract the problem.

Anavar uses and half-life

Anavar which is an anabolic steroid falls under the class I category of controlled drugs. It has various clinical purposes which include bone-related ailments like osteoporosis, as it has calcium absorption properties which leads to healthy bone structure and also comfort burn victims. It has little androgenic properties which add to its usefulness.

It also leads to bulking without any water retention. Half-life of Oxandrolone in the body is about the lasting period of the drug and that is 8-9 hours. This makes it very potent and dynamic. Accompanied by proper diet and exercise it helps in fat burning at a great level and also tones up muscles.

Importance of using Anavar for Competitions

Anavar does not add bulk but aids in strengthening and high endurance, of muscles. It helps to control the rates of metabolic activity. Recovery from muscle injuries is also aided by it. Its anabolic nature helps in lean muscle preservation, losing fat, and does not show any puffiness.

Many sportspersons, wrestlers, and bodybuilders prefer it for these reasons prior to any competition. It can be orally administered because it is a C17 alpha alkylated steroid and can retain its properties after passing through the liver. It is a safe and gentle drug to use because it does not have any major side effects other than inducing mild toxicity in the liver.

Anavar and functionality

When it is administered to children, at a low level, like 5 ml for a mild suppressive effect, it results alike on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis. When a great amount of the drug is used for the bodybuilding purposes, a significant rate of testosterone suppression is seen.

A scientific study on the effects and use of Anavar was conducted on 6 young males. A dosage of 15mg was administered for five days on each test subject. At the end of the experiment, it was observed that the testosterone levels had reduced by day five from 449ng/dl to 282ng/dl which was about thirty-seven percent.

Introduction of a heavy-duty Post Cycle Therapy or PCT program which includes testosterone stimulating compounds is absolute necessity as it is observed that Anavar causes suppression at an extreme level on the Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis(HPTA) causing a reduced level of testosterone.

Anavar is a great mild anabolic steroid which can get readily absorbed in the circulatory system. The half-life of Oxandrolone in the body is quite short like 8-9 hours for which it is required to be consumed every day during the cycle. If it is used with all safety measures it will give great results indeed.
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