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Is abnormal Pap smear recommended during the stages of pregnancy?

The moment you touch the age of 21 or you become sexually active, it is suggested that you undertake a Pap smear test. You cannot say that they are diagnostic tests, but mere screening methods where any abnormal cells in the cervix are found out.

If you are part of abnormal pap smears during pregnancy, then early detection along with treatment helps you to get rid of potential problems that are expected to arise. A patient being worried when told that she has an abnormal pap smear is normal. It does indicate that you have infection or growth of abnormal cells referred to as dysplasia. 
Do take into consideration that abnormal cells do not point to cancer. But the answer to the question is abnormal pap smears common during pregnancy it is a yes. It would mean a further round of testing would be needed to clarify the same.

With the help of positive results, it does indicate the presence of abnormal cells known as an abnormal pap. In fact the further course of test may point to a colposcopy where with the help of a microscope you tend to look into the tissue or a biopsy, where a small amount of tissue is removed from the cervix. The doctor is going to discuss the test results with you.

One out of ten tests indicates some form of abnormal function, but most times the results are not that serious. On further course of testing it would be easy to figure out whether you have inflammation or some form of infection as well. The main cause of cervical cancer is HPV, but most women who go on to receive treatment for HPV are not victims of cervical cancer.

In the year 2003, the FDA went on to approve a screen testing that can be done with a pap smear to find out whether there is a HPV virus or not. Ideally this screening is required for women who are above the age of 30 years as their HPV infection may turn into pre cancer cells. The test of some results may work out to be unsatisfactory because of recent sexual activity or usage of vaginal creams or for the matter douches. If any of the abnormal cells are there, you may need another round of testing

Check-ups are necessary to ensure that all the cervical cells are gone whereby the cervix has healed completely. To detect early is the key as timely treatment could be provided. Once the treatment is over, women will be advised by their doctors on how frequent they are going to need Pap smear tests as well.

It is indeed safe to be part of an abnormal Pap smear test during pregnancy. If the results are abnormal than a colposcopy may be performed during the course of pregnancy. But further round of treatment is going to be delayed till the baby is being born. In fact the birth of the baby is going to wash away the abnormal cervical cells.
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