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the drug with many names

Anavar is a very popular drug, it might not be something that is readily available to some major countries because if some legalities and technicalities, but it doesn’t stop people from trying to be resourceful and creative to get this drug.
The proof? This drug has a variety of brand names and widely used in most countries over its arch nemesis Winstrol. Both sexes love it so much that this is one of the most popular all around drug to date that is being used by most people both men and women.

Why Anavar: So why Anavar and not Winstrol and Clen? Will get to that topic later on. You see the reason why this is a popular choice is that of its effects. It’s less potent. So why doesn't a less potent drug become more popular versus the other popular options like Winstrol and the like? Well, generally if the drug is less potent, it means the drug has lesser side effects and if there are lesser side effects means the drug cycle can be extended even further.
Not for everyone: Obviously, this kind of a progression is not for everybody, but perfect for people that want an all-around drug that they can use for a longer period without really being to concern of the side effects, unlike the more potent ones that you really need to be measuring and taking notes of your doses. This one is perfect for beginners and people that are not in a hurry but still wants that progression that only a drug can provide.
What people will get: It still has the same effects like other drugs before it:
     Makes muscles leaner and meaner
     An obvious increase in power and stamina
     Rapid fat loss
     Repair muscle tissues after extensive workout sessions
It’s not the most potent drug there is but it does do its job pretty well without fail on how the mechanism of action is designed and as long as you're not buying the fake ones of course.
In general: Generally speaking, like all drugs that have the same effects it has the therapeutic dose, desired effects, and the adverse effects. Therapeutic doses are the medically prescribed dose in order for the drug to safely do what it’s intended to do. The desired effects are what is expected of the drug, medically to treat diseases and illnesses, in bodybuilding it doesn't what is stated above, and lastly adverse reactions. These are the indication that you need to stop, there are just 2 main causes of this, either you aren’t really meant for the drug or you already overdosed and your body is already begging you to stop before it gets worse.
This can surprisingly be a good drug to mix with Winstrol and Clenbuterol for a very powerful and effective cutting cycle, if you wish to know more about what you need to ask experts for more details in order for you to maximize this since there are a lot of factors to consider in determining the dose and the cycle of this type.
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