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Why Stress and Rest are Critical for Innovation

If you are running a business with high demands and a rigorous work schedule, you may think you are encouraging your worker bees to churn out investment-ready ideas. But, you would be wrong. In fact, these types of management strategies and workplace climates actually hinder creativity and innovation. Humans thrive when they are challenged just the right amount and when they rest just enough. It’s a fine balance, but as the boss, you play a key role.

The Right Amount of Stress

Your employees should be challenged. To grow, humans need to stress their minds. Just like how we must exercise (or stress) our muscles to make them grow, we must also exercise our brains. Therefore, you need to present your team with challenges that encourage them to think outside the box. For example, Planbox Shark Tank is a type of innovation management that works as a competition where employees solve high value business challenges as teams. 

The Right Amount of Rest

However, you should not simply give your employees one task after another. You must also give them time to rest. For instance, just like all athletes know, you must rest your muscles after you exercise them. If you simply exercise (or stress) your muscles, you will eventually burn out. The same is true for your employees. Instead, you should give time after a project is complete for reflection. You should also create an atmosphere where rest is honored such as a dedicated “stop time.”

The Right Results

The combination of stress and rest leads to the right results. If you feel like your employees are not invested or they are bored, they may need to be challenged. If you feel like your employees are burnt out, they may need rest. When you find the right balance of stress and rest, your employees will be creative more often.
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