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Aureus Academy Singapore: The FASEST Way To Learn How To Play Guitar

Learning how to play an instrument may be one of the wishes that you had since you were a kid. Well, no need to worry! It’s never too late to learn. A guitar is one of the instruments that may look complicated to play, but once you started learning a chord or two, you’ll find yourself playing a song in no time.
Teaching yourself is possible nowadays, but it is still a different experience if you have a profession guitar lessons teacher to guide you along the way. You will be learning the basics and move your way up to the more complex pieces. You just need to have the determination and drive to learn, because learning how to play guitar might need a truckload of patience.

The Aureus Academy Singapore

When you are looking for the best guitar lessons instructors, you don't need to look further, Aureus Academy in Singapore is one of the best places to have your first guitar lessons. They are flexible with different types of students. Whether you are just starting out and can strum a few chords, or maybe can do shred a solo, the teachers will be more than willing to help you reach your dreams.
The lessons are individually tailored to each student where the type of guitar used as well as the genre that you want to learn. It can be classical, acoustic, or electric guitar. Aside from that, students are given an option to learn either from sheet music, guitar tabs, or maybe both. You can visit their website and find out more about the lesson structure of Aureus Academy's guitar lessons.

The Aureus Academy Guitar Lesson Courses

  • 30 and 45, or 60-minute lessons. This is a one-to-one tutorial that will last for 30 to 45 minutes, once a week. You can choose from acoustic, electric, ukulele, or classical guitar. You can choose from using a sheet music or a tab notation. The lessons are specifically designed to be both fun and rewarding. This course is best for students who are 7 years old and above. Find out more about the lesson structure of Aureus Academy's guitar lessons online.

Learn At Home with Aureus Academy Singapore

[email protected] is one of the best ways to learn an instrument with Aureus Academy Singapore. If it is a hassle for you to go to the studio, you can now book a teach with your preferred time slot online and the teacher will travel to your location for the music lessons. This will save you time travel and parking fees. The [email protected] studies will be similar to the ones conducted in the centers. This is also the best option for kids who shy away from people especially when they are still starting out. With [email protected] there are no additional fees required.   
Learning how to play an instrument is considered as an investment that you can share and pass on to your next kin. So if you are musically inclined, do not waste more time. Contact Aureus Academy Singapore today!
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