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How to Be a Better Person Day By Day

There are many who have proposed to be more pleasant, kind or good in their daily lives but after some time trying desist why, being a better person does not mean becoming the mother Teresa of Calcutta overnight requires only to improve everyday behaviors. You may also be interested in: How to use positive affirmations day by day.
1    Be polite: say good morning, good night, and say hello to your neighbors if you run into them in the building or the street, to your co-workers when they get to the office, a "hello, how are you?" It does not require any effort and it will not take more than two seconds to pronounce it

2   In the same vein, be grateful: when someone has taken the trouble to do you a favor, to do something for you, to help you, to fulfill a request, let them know that you notice it with a simple "thank you". To obviate this will make you look like an ill-mannered and for many as a bad person

3    If you want to be a better person try to be more available to the other: when your mother calls you to tell you what has happened to her, when someone needs help even a stranger in the street asking for an address, whenever it is something you can manage she invests minutes of your day to be available to the other and listen to him or do him a favor

4   Share with people who love and appreciate you, even if they do not ask you to repay their love the least you can do is treat them in the same way, be nice to them and plan quality time with these important people for you

5    For many it is easy to be nice to who treats you well but the real challenge is to be with those who constantly show their bad education. It is clear that everything has its limits but on many occasions a polite greeting or a kind gesture is the best way to show the other his behavior without the need to behave like him. Try to be a good person or at least not be mean to those who are not so nice to you

6   Practice being more patient in everyday life: while you are in a row at the supermarket, with the elderly, with your parents, with your children. When a situation puts you to the limit try to breathe and not explode, many times we exploit unfairly with those who do not deserve it due to accumulated tension, avoid it and try to be a better person.

7    Do not confuse goodness with stupidity. Some people think that kind people, noble and helping the other are stupid, if you are one of those you should rethink your ideas because to extend a hand to the other, be educated and be accessible when you need not compromise our intelligence, learn to be intuitive and know when someone wants to take advantage of you and when they really need your help

8    You can also see useful tips to enjoy the day to day and be a little happier.

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Try to be a better person for you, it's the best way to start

It is not easy to control our character and be nice even when we are not in the mood but remember that this is the real challenge.

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