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What's New? 5 New Features of the iPhone X

The much-anticipated 10th-anniversary iPhone is officially here. The Apple iPhone X delivers outstanding specs with 3GB of RAM, an A11 Bionic chip with six cores, and an improved battery life. While other iPhones offered minor changes to their predecessors, this one has been hailed as an all-new device, offering a radically different experience of iPhone technology.
A Stunning Screen
The Apple iPhone X features a beautiful 5.8-inch screen that takes the image all the way to the edge. The only thing disrupting the display is a slight notch at the top and rim around the edge. The solid sides of the phone offer a convenient place to grip without accidentally touching the screen. The top notch may irk some users. It's there for good reason, though. This is where the phone's TrueDepth camera is housed. There's no home button to get in the way anymore because you can now unlock the phone with facial recognition technology. 
The OLED display features a 2436x1125 resolution, efficiently delivering bright whites, deep blacks, and vivid colors. Videos will take on remarkable new quality with the Dolby Vision and HRD10 playback. The iPhone 8 and iPad Pro brought us the beauty of dynamic white-balance adjustment. Now this will come to the iPhone X as well. 
Decent Durability
Well-loved smartphones are constant companions, and as such, they need to have the proper durability to go anywhere and do it all. The Apple iPhone X has an all-glass body enclosed in a durable stainless steel band. In user tests, it's held up to gouging, bending, and burning. However, the glass back is susceptible to breakage. Replacing the glass on the back is expensive, so it's smart to protect this part of the phone. It's both IP67 water- and dust-resistant to withstand the most common hazards you may throw its way. 
A Fresh Take on Face Recognition
Before the iPhone X, facial recognition technology was generally hit or miss. However, the TrueDepth front-facing camera on this iPhone delivers a consistently accurate and reliable performance. This is good because fingerprint technology is excluded from this phone entirely.
The infrared camera technology used by the phone can sense your face in the dark, with sunglasses, and despite any changes in facial hair. However, masks and photos won't fool it because it uses a complex 3-D map of the face rather than a flat image. With an added feature making it “attention aware,” the unlock feature will only work when you're actually looking at the screen.
Playful Chat with Animoji
If tech specs don't quite speak to you, get the Apple iPhone X from T-Mobile and try out the creative Animoji feature. This element gives you a playful way to take advantage of the TrueDepth camera technology. The camera carefully maps your face and then translates those movement to your choice of Animoji creatures. You can become a unicorn, monkey, robot, alien, and more. This element truly highlights the extreme detail that goes into the facial mapping. Though it's more fun than practical, it's an element you're sure to spend some time playing with. Plus, when paired with T-mobile's reliable, 4G LTE network, you'll be sending iMessages full of Animojis from anywhere, in no time.
Powerful Camera Elements
Though the front-facing camera is getting most of the attention with this iPhone, the rear-facing counterpart is plenty powerful as well. This 12-megapixel camera has an f/1.8 wide-angle lens and an f/2.4 aperture telephoto lens. It features quad-LED True Tone Flash and Slow Sync Flash to help overcome some of the challenges of low lighting. The Slow Sync Flash helps improve lighting further for more detailed backgrounds regardless of the brightness in your surroundings. 
With the front-facing camera, you can use Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for improved selfies. No matter which way this camera is facing, you should expect to have powerful photo features in the palm of your hand.
If you're dying to experience the Apple iPhone X yourself, get your order in. Demand may outpace availability but this phone is in production now. You won't have to wait long to truly experience the hype that's come with this exciting anniversary Apple iPhone release.
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