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A Complete Guide to Choosing Serviced Offices for Rent in the Hong Kong CBD

With its strategic position in Southeast Asia and its unique “one country, two systems” setup, Hong Kong has long been an attractive option for international business. Enjoying the best of two worlds, this vibrant Asian business hub has been able to afford businesses with links to the Chinese market while maintaining its traditional strengths making it one of the best international trading, logistics and financial centres in the world.

Moving into such a thriving and diverse economy can be challenging and there certainly are some hurdles which need to be overcome. With so many businesses already established here, it can be overwhelming for business owners at first. Finding where you belong in the city, can take some time, but the entire process can be made much more efficient by utilising one of the serviced offices for rent in premium Hong Kong CBD locations. By using a facility like this right away, it will make your entry into the Hong Kong market much easier and help you overcome some of the initial challenges which all new businesses to the city face.

Keep reading to learn the best way to choose the right serviced office to rent for your business in the heart of the Honk Kong CBD.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a fully-equipped corporate office facility in a prestigious Hong Kong address, that comes complete with everything you need to run your business. A dedicated phone line, bilingual receptionist, state-of-the-art technology, high-speed wifi, well-appointed furniture and even 24/7 IT support staff, are all set up and ready for you when you arrive.

This means you don’t have to spend time and energy getting all of this prepared prior to your arrival in Hong Kong. World-class facilities like these charge a flat monthly rate which includes all bills and utilities so that you have no surprise expenses at the end of the month. When you’re new to a location like Hong Kong, a setup like this allows you to be in control from the beginning and allows you to avoid the headaches and stress associated with renting an office space locally, dealing with realtors, service providers and having to enter into long-term lock-in contracts.

Look for Flexible Short-Term Lease Options

When choosing a serviced office location in the Hong Kong CBD, enquire as to what kind of lease options available. Premium providers will offer month-to-month rental agreements, with no long-term or lock-in contracts for you to worry about.

What’s more, if things don’t work out as planned in Hong Kong or if the market takes an unexpected turn, you can transfer your lease to any of the provider’s other locations. You can move your operations to any one of 155+ locations across 54 cities, in 23 different countries. That’s flexibility that you and your business can rely on.

Understand Cultural Differences

Moving your operations to Hong Kong is going to be very different from moving from London to Sydney, for example. The cultural differences and the ways of doing business here are very different and you need to take some time to learn what those differences and how to best represent yourself and your brand in this foreign market.

It’s important to avoid any unnecessary awkward situations with clients or local partners. What might be considered light-hearted sarcasm in your home country, may be interpreted as mocking in Hong Kong. In general, maintain a positive friendly approach and be polite. Treat people with respect and if you are unsure of how to handle yourself in a particular situation, take a moment to ask to avoid causing offence.

Enter the Hong Kong Business Space With Confidence

International businesses have been flocking to Hong Kong for decades. Due to Hong Kong’s strategic position, thriving economy and diverse workforce, this trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

With a serviced office in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling CBD, your business can enjoy the benefits of being based in one the world's most prolific business and financial hubs without any of the setup hassles of the past. This puts you on the right foot from the moment you touch down.
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