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Advanced Trading In the Market with Discount Brokers in India

Trading is no longer a gamble it is a predictable investment. Even newbies can trade and make a profit by only copying the trades of the senior traders. But, if you have a good broker and a responsive trading platform, you can make profits daily.

Type of trader

One has to choose the broker according to the way one trades. That is to say, one may be a day trader who winds up his trade by the evening or he may like to pick up stock and hold on to it for three or four days. People who make more trades in a day will pay more brokerage charges. Here, if you need to make more trades in a day, you need to choose a broker who charges less per trade.
The full-service broker offers the full range of services and accounts for conducting trades. But, he charges around Rs 100 to Rs 120 per transaction. Compared to this, the discount broker wantsonly Rs 20 at the most per trade. So, he is preferable for those who make many trades in a day.One of the top Discount Brokers India has now is Wisdom Capital. They offer zero brokerage services and top features built into the trading platform.

Preferred features of the trading platform

When you get a broker, the trading platform that he gives must be simple but having all the need features. All the platforms offer you access to all market segments and instruments such as commodities and stocks.A few of them also give you access to cryptocurrencies. The desirable features include the following:
  • Low latency execution
  • Chart data for the intraday
  • Processing is high level multi-core and multithread
  • Ticker alert
  • Access to historical data
  • Destinations for order routing
While many of these features are available on most platforms, the best ones give you extra features. For instance, they offer customization options for making the trade. You can set up option chains so you see the data that you want during the trading. It offers plenty of columns and settings. You can select many lines and make a strategy to use in the trade. It also allows you to link the chains to option prints, options quotes, and stock quotes.

Check the fee they charge

Check the top Discount Brokers India has now and pick the one you like. Make sure you do not have to pay big fees as this will eat into your profit. You can do plenty to improve your trading strategy. Use automation for your debit and credit spreads, long and short strangles, and make protective inputs. You may also use butterflies, debit and credit spreads, and build your own strategy that includes equity legs.

This way you can route your order to a pre-selected options exchange. And, if you do not like it, reverse the entire thing with a single click of the button. Be sure to check how much premium you pay for each order before you send. You can save the strategies for repeated use if you want.
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