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All about Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue has challenged the way several people go on with their lives. It has also been known as CFS and there are certain characteristics that patients should exhibit for their conditions to be considered as such. Sometimes, it may be as simple as just fatigue that can be addressed easily. But if it starts to manifest long-term and other symptoms come forward, it may be categorized as chronic fatigue and you should see a doctor. Here is a full report on the overview about the condition.

Chronic Fatigue Explained

Chronic fatigue syndrome has been defined as a disease characterized by various symptoms. Some of the most common ones include trouble getting sleep, weakness, muscle pains, fever, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy and more. The causes of this condition are many and among the most common ones include over-exertion and unable to rest enough.

Details On The Symptoms

Apart from the manifestations discussed above, there are actually more symptoms that you should be aware of about chronic fatigue. Doctors often notice them from their patients and diagnose the disease based on certain time span. The longer these symptoms show, the more possibility that it may lean toward it.

Other symptoms to look out for when it comes to this condition include persistent feeling of tiredness, depression, memory loss, having a hard time focusing, pain in the joints and more.

Stress Is A Cause

Stress is one of the major causes of chronic fatigue. It may be about working for several hours straight or pushing yourself too hard. It may stress from the daily commute or stress from you environment. The syndrome usually lasts for several months and would sometimes disappear only to be back again.

Physicians have always been challenged to diagnose such conditions because the symptoms are also present in other diseases. Sometimes, what you believe to be chronic fatigue is just a simple one. The way that doctors diagnose patients is first through observing them for the first weeks and asking them to return for consultation after around six months. Should they report that the symptoms still persist, there is a higher chance they are suffering from chronic fatigue.


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