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Discount Brokers-Advantages and Disadvantages

The stock market is flooded with discount brokers who offer cheap brokerage services at reduced prices, which are beneficial for investors who trade frequently. Discount brokers present a new dimension to brokerage services, and their competitive prices have led to an upward growth in their customer base. They also dabble in real estate, selling insurances, and financial management services, which makes them all them more alluring to investors. Deep discount brokers are another section of discount brokers that provide even cheaper services.
About deep discount brokers.
  • They facilitate the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers at rates lower than those set by regular discount brokers. They are a part of facilitating fast exchange between buyers and sellers. However, the services provided by them amounts to only the fulfilment of stock and options trades, where they charge a flat fee for every trade.
  • The development of technology has created various opportunities over the internet which in turn has enhanced the stand of deep discount brokers. Various traditional firms have realised the competition around them and have started offering deep discount brokerage services.
Advantages of discount brokers.
  • The biggest advantage is the reduction in fees. Investors have to pay huge sums of money to full-service firms because they provide many extra services other than conducting the simple trade. These full-service firms may charge a flat fee or charge according to the volume of the trade.
  • If the investor is a frequent old timer, who have a clear picture of the market, then spending all his time and money on full-service firms will be futile. Especially, the commissions for frequent trade may add up, causing an unnecessary loss due to commission payments. This is prevented while opting for discount brokerage firms.
  • It is advantageous to take up discount brokers because the transactions are safe. Usually, if a firm is offering reduced rates of commission, it means that the company is making up for it in bulk, which is how they can afford the reduction in fees. These discount brokers are mostly big companies, which means that the transaction is not being handled by unfamiliar smaller companies. This ensures the safety of the transaction.
  • These brokers are quick, clean and fast with their services. This increases the efficiency of their task, as they focus on buying and selling suitable enterprises that match the requirements of both, the buyer and the seller.
  • The platform created by discount brokers allows investors to make investments of their choice within the limit of the service provided by discoung broker.
Disadvantages of discount brokers.
  • Full-service broker services provide various services other than the usual trade. These services include tax planning, estate planning, and financial advice which give second opinions to investors and help in making prudent decisions.
  • The experience of traditional brokerage firms that date back to several decades is unparalleled. The presence of research and development tools has tried to combat this disadvantage, but the traditional experience and sleight of hand possessed by these traders are not easily adaptable by online converters.
  • Full-service brokers provide various exotic alternatives to investments, which are not available to discount brokers who provide limited services.
Thus, it is upon the investor to opt for the most suitable option.
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