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Water Pumps Guide: How to Choose a Motor Pump suitable for my uses?

The water pumps or water pumps are very useful equipment when used with liquid applications that have been developed to obtain cutting-edge technology. A motor pump is a device designed to move a large amount of water and do it quickly and efficiently. This allows us to extract water from wells, wells, swimming pools, as well as transport it from one place to another. Also to supply the domestic area or in the rural part. Another application is to drain or extract water in flooded spaces. But, what motor bomb of all the ones that there are in the market we must select? Do not worry because with this guide you will answer the question How to choose a motor pump or water pump?
Motor bike guide how to choose a motor pump
Thinking about how to save water, several scientists devised a method to collect rainwater and then distribute it for supply by means of a Water Pump.
Before knowing how to choose a motor pump: Know the operation of a water pump
Before defining the class and types of pumps and learning which motor pump to choose, let's quickly look at how these devices work.
In short, a water pump or motor pump is a device that has the same operation as any hydraulic pump. They are equipment that transforms Mechanical Energy into Kinetic Energy. That is, in the end it is necessary to generate a movement of the liquids that you want to use. There are pumps that can move water, milk and even wine because they have different applications, that is the advantage of the Moto.

Pumps, regardless of type or class, are manufactured with two holes, the input is called suction and the output is called drive. Since ancient times these devices have been used to extract water, and the most common source of energy is wind, such as the use of windmills with blades to carry out the movement and transport of water.
When the pump receives that energy with a motor coupled either Gasoline or Diesel, the Water Pump is called Moto bomb, if the energy is by electric current it is called Electro pump. Some pumps work with external motors or external aids such as axes or pulleys.
To delve into the subject and not get tangled up, when we talk about Moto bombs we will talk about the whole set of devices that are used for fluid movement purposes (electric pumps, motor pumps, centrifugal motor pumps, etc).
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Classes and Types of Water pumps or Water Pumps
Positive displacement pumps
To delve further into the subject you can review the article Types of best water pumps or Water Pumps: according to types of water, flow or pressure.
To understand the short version, we can make a distinction first by the type of equipment and explain its function a bit. Below we show you the types of water pumps that exist according to their operating principle:
Positive displacement or volumetric pumps- In this type of water pumps, the pressure is carried out due to the push of the walls of the chambers that modify their volume. Here the reciprocating plunger pumps are integrated , which have or several fixed compartments with variable volume, rotary or relative volumetric pumps , in which the liquid is accumulated in one or more compartments that move from the entrance area (low pressure) to the exit zone (high pressure).
Rot dynamic pumps - On the other hand, this type of water pumps operates by exchanging the amount of movement between the machine and the fluid, applying hydrodynamics. We find radial or centrifugal water pumps, in which the movement of the fluid maintains a trajectory perpendicular to the axis, axial water pumps, when the trajectory is executed in a cylinder, and diagonal or helicocentrifugal water pumps, whose trajectory is produced in a cone coaxial with the axis.
On the other hand, water pumps can also be classified according to the drive with which they work:
Electro pumps - These water pumps use the power of an electric motor to operate.
Electric pump
Pneumatic pumps - They work through compressed air.
Hydraulic drive pumps - Water action causes them to start.
Manual pumps - The user is the one who has to activate the water pump so that it starts its activity.
Water pumps - These are water pumps powered by fuel.
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