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4 Tips on How Avoid Wedding Fashion Disasters

A wedding is an experience a woman can’t forget in her life. It is an occasion which is planned well and tried with utmost care to implement what the bride and groom imagined it to be. However, when it comes to fashion, there are a few bloopers that they should avoid that day. Here are four of them.
  1. Dress Woes – Suppose the morning of your wedding, the only person who knows how to guide you into that intricate lace up corset is however opening shop in another city. To prevent any such disaster from happening, make sure you know someone who knows how to get into your dress and at the same time how to do it properly. The concerned person should also come to your dress fitting (which should preferably be your final one) as well as talk about the intricacies of the dress. In case your dress has a lot of buttons, make sure that the concerned person’s nails are free of nail varnish and at the same time spotlessly clean.
  2. Make up stains – Getting make up stains on wedding dresses are often a problem that most brides fear.A wedding fashion disaster no doubt. Usually,  make-up artist needs to equip himself with all the necessary precautions whilst putting on your make up. However, if you are doing your own make-up, make sure that you have a clean towel or clothes over your dress before you start putting it on. Try different styles and type of Silver jewellery matching with your outfit.
  3. Experimenting with haircuts – This especially goes for the groom and is a big wedding fashion no no. Avoid getting a fancy new barber for your big day. Stick with one who understands your hair and knows it like the way you want to wear it. Get your appointment a few days prior to your wedding so that you have the time to get used to your haircut as well as the shape and at the same time, style it the way that it suits you. Get hold of a Stetson as a standby, should it all go wrong.
  4. Invisible straps – Having invisible straps was never a good idea unless you are a figure skater or some wannabe D list celebrity wanting to be a figure skater. Come to think of it, even white straps are better for your wedding than see through ones if they are not sitting snugly on your skin. Pick selective wedding jewelry which looks good in indoor or outdoor venue.   Your underwear is an important part of your wedding ensemble and
  5. should look and feel like second skin. There are many options when it comes to wedding jewellery and  lingerie. You just need to go there and take your pick.
So these were a few wedding fashion bloopers that you cannot overlook and need to take care of. After all, your wedding is such an occasion that where you cannot afford to take any chances and make it nothing less than the wedding that you always dreamed of.
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