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Types of Biryani’s You Must Try At Home!

India is often known as a secular country because of the number of religions it has accommodated. Because of this very reason, our country is blessed with a number of different kinds of cultures, traditions and practices.

That also brings in different kinds of dance forms, different kinds of foods and of course different kinds of festivals. Our country is lucky to have yearlong merriment in that way. You often see that there is one festival or another every other month and sometimes they get clustered all together.

So, when it comes to festival at your own home, what is the tradition like? I have noticed that more or less every family has a routine they go about whenever there is any celebration at their place. When it comes to my home, any celebration big or small calls for chicken Biryani and mutton curry. This is like affixed menu which hasn’t changed over years and luckily none of the people in our family ever seem to get bored as well.

But, probably the style of Biryani keeps changing from time to time. Actually, my mother and I love to experiment when it comes to food. We have taken help of the internet a number of times to find out chicken Biryani recipe in Hindi. And it works well all the times. The internet is the best place to ask for help these days.

In my article today, I would be making a list of a couple of Biryani recipes that I have made in the past couple of years with my mom and they have been a success at my home. So, if you wish to try them out too, you can pick out your favourite one.
  • Kolkata styled biryani- the first one on my list has to be this. The taste of Kolkata biryani is very mild yet very flavourful. The aroma of all the spices you use will fill your house and then you may never want it to leave.
  • Hyderabadi biryani- this is probably one of the most talked about biryanis in our country. When it comes to biryani, people have a fight about which is the best and believe it or not Hyderabadi biryani wins it most of the time.
  • Keema biryani- we all are very well aware of what keema means. Now you could use mutton keema or beef keema as per your own wish. The process is simple easy and you can take out the recipe from the internet too.
  • Awadhi biryani- the Awadhi biryaani is also known by the name of Lucknowibiryani. The lucknowi biryani is inspired by the Nawabs of Awadh. This recipe comes straight from the royal kitchen and needs quite some preparation. But trust me, all your hard work is worth the wait.
  • Fish biryani- now we definitely tried out this one as a joke but it surprisingly turned out to be pretty well. This biryani has layers of fish with of course aromatic rice all over it. It is pretty simple to make and quite easy to prepare.
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