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What are the tools?

The tools are instruments that serve to facilitate the work of man in mechanical tasks. They improve the quality of life of the people since they facilitate the work that needs some strength.

 We have many tools, but since the discovery of electricity man has tried to apply it for the use of tools. The great advance was the application of electric motors for the movement of tools, thus building what is called machine-tool. The machine makes all the force that the tool needs for its use, by the movement of the motor, and the man only has the function of controlling it.

 What are Power Tools?

 Power tools are those that need electricity for their operation. They really should be called machine-tools, since they are tools to which by applying an engine they become machines. Normally they depend on an engine, but this engine can be electric, pneumatic or hydraulic, but whatever the engine it is set in motion thanks to electricity.

electric tools

 Many best power tools have several working speeds thanks to the fact that their motors have a speed regulator, which can be electric or a simple mechanism of gearwheels speed reducer, as in the electric drill of column, or sanders.

Also, the rotation movement of the motor can be converted into a different one, for example rectilinear, thanks to the coupling between the motor and the tool of a movement transformation mechanism. We can couple a crankshaft-connecting rod to convert the circular motion into a straight line, for example an electric hammer, and many other mechanisms depending on the movement we want to get to the exit.
 What are the most common Power Tools?

Well the most used are the electric screwdrivers, the drills, the sanders, the paint strippers (to heat and remove the paint), the milling machines, the staplers, the electric saws and the electric hammers. As we see to use all these tools without electricity we would need to spend a lot of energy, which now thanks to these power tools is no longer necessary.

 Let's explain some of the most essential and used (below you can see an image of each of them).
 Cordless drill: it is used to make holes and also has no cables since it works with a battery. That if we have to recharge the battery every time it runs out. If we attach a screwdriver instead of a drill, they also serve to screw and / or loosen screws.

Sierra de Vaivén or Caladora: used to cut and depending on the cutting saw that we put you can cut wood, metal or even rocks. We can make straight and curved cuts. The mechanism produces a back and forth movement in the blade that causes it to cut. There are some (most) that include a pendular movement of the blade. The jigsaw or jigsaw is a popular tool used by many window installers, construction workers and emergency rescue services.

Oscillating or Multi-tool: today the oscillating multitool is one of the most versatile power tools. It has interchangeable accessories for sanding, cutting, scraping, grinding and polishing. In addition, you can cut through virtually any construction material, including wood, metal, plaster, cement, mortar, plastic and fiberglass, to name a few. Websites like saim deals write awesome buyers guide and product reviews, you need to read those reviews before buying these power gadgets.

Circular Saw: is a machine to saw longitudinally or transversally wood, metal, plastic or other materials. It is equipped with an electric motor that rotates a circular blade at high speed. Using a suitable blade (As for its hardness and the shape of your teeth), a portable circular saw can cut a wide variety of materials.
  • Keep the power cords away from heat, water, oil, sharp edges and moving parts.
  • Wear protective glasses when there is a risk of jumping wood chips, metal or any other material.
  • Use each tool only for the use that is designed.
  • When carrying out maintenance work, changing accessories and cleaning, keep the tool always disconnected from the power supply.
  • Never remove the protections brought by the tools.
  • If the tool heats up, disconnect it to allow it to cool down.
  • If a tool is defective, remove it from service and clearly label it "out of service for repair".
  • Make sure the tools are connected to the ground using a three-prong plug.
  • If it is a wireless tool, recharge your battery only with a charger that is specifically designed for the battery of the tool.
  • Remove any adjustment wrench before turning on the tool, for example the wrench on the drill.
  • Use clamps, a vise or other devices to hold and support the piece that is being worked on, when it is practical to do so. This will allow you to use both hands for better control of the tool and help prevent injuries due to poor posture.
  • Pull the plug, not the cable when disconnecting the tool.
  • Make sure that accessories such as drill bits, blades, etc., are kept sharp and clean.
  • Do not leave a tool in operation without supervision. Do not leave it until it has been deactivated, it has stopped working completely, and it has been unplugged.
  • Do not use the tool in an area that contains explosive vapors or gases.
  • Do not clean tools with flammable or toxic solvents.
  • Do not surprise, bother or touch anyone who is working with a power tool, it could cause an accident or an injury.
  • Always pay attention to Safety Signs
 Here we leave you a link so that you can better know how to use the tools and their safety and hygiene standards: The Tools.
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