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6 Helpful Tips For Choosing A Marriage Counselor

Are you suffering some rough patches in your marriage relationship and you feel like giving up?  It is time to contact a marriage counselor and you are wondering how to choose the right marriage advisor. Be guided by these tips for choosing the right marriage counselor to mend your relationship.
  1. Be clear with your expectations.
Think about and clarify your expectations. Talk with your partner about what each of you would like to accomplish through your marriage education and what you hope the experience will be like. Seeking out help from Colleen Hurll Counselling can help be crystal clear with all your expectations.
  1. Look into credentials.
All marriage therapists are required to be licensed to practice marriage counseling. This may vary state to state, so be sure to check yours. A practitioner who does marriage therapy can be a licensed clinical social worker, licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed mental health counselor or psychologist.
  1. Learn about the counseling strategies.
A therapist isn’t a paid friend. And while marriage counselors can serve as referees and mediators, this should not be their only role. Pick a counselor that has aparticular strategy for helping with your relationship issues.Ask your therapist how he or she wants to proceed with treatment, and if there’s a specific therapeutic modality he or she uses.
  1. Hire one that is focused on couples counselling.
It’s a great idea to check what percentage of the counselor’s practice is with couples.  Couples counseling is specialized enough, that a counselor needs to keep the work up to keep the skills up.  It is best to work with a counselor who has a good portion of their practice focused on couples.  You should also ask about their specific training and experience in marriage counseling.  

While it is true that many counselors don’t get any specific training in how to work with couples, there are some good ways they can learn outside of school.  A competent marriage counselor should be able to talk with you about the training they received.
  1. Ask relevant questions.
A good counselor should be glad to answer all your questions, so if you struggle to get the information you need, consider it as a red flag. Some questions to consider asking include:
  • What is your background and training?
  • How do you define success?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How will we know we’re making progress?
  • How much of your practice is focused on marriage counseling?
  • Would you ever recommend divorce?
  1. Establish rapport.
It is important to be comfortable with your counselor.  While there is usually some discomfort and anxiety with starting any kind of therapy, you should expect to have a general sense of being understood and cared about by your counselor and feel like the way they work will fit with you.

Rounding off, finding help for your marriage from the best relationship counselling in Castle Hill is a brave and hopefully, positive undertaking.
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