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Cool Stiletto Nails Designs To Try and Tips

Though stiletto nails have been recently highlighted in the fashion world due to celebrities like Rihanna, Woman Gaga, and Fergie sporting the design, these types of nails have been around because the 50s and 60s.

As the development keeps growing, regular women are needs to catch to this daring look. And that’s precisely what stiletto fingernails are: daring. Or are they dangerous? Perhaps a little of both, but that only increases the fun of attempting them out.

Stiletto fingernails are brutal and bold. These are oval shaped fingernails that are more directed than curved at the end, and are usually lengthy. Since they’re such a long time, they’re more often than not artificial. They look cool, and are extremely extreme. You actually have to be careful when you have stiletto nails because they really can cause injuries. However, most people who try them out do it because they love the look.

When it comes to nails, especially long ones because they provide more surface room, literally anything is possible. For more details and design you can visit:
Some Details to Consider with Cool Stiletto Nails…

• If you want to keep things simple, solid colors are the way to go. The length and form of the fingernails really accentuates the flawlessness solid colors can have on stiletto fingernails.

• Matte toenail colors have become increasingly more popular. Put in a design with sparkly regular toenail polish, like a deep plum People from france tip (together with a dark matte), as well as your fingernails will stick out even further.

• Try all dark stiletto fingernails and then color the lower of the fingernails a different color. The shock splash of color is impressive, especially depending on what color you select, for example, a bright red.

• Poke-a-dots and stripes can go a long way!

• When you’re already trying a bold look, there’s no time to be shy about it! Have a different design on each nail, but make sure they match it some way, like having the same color scheme or theme.

• Adding gold or silver tips to any solid color makes for a fun variation.

• Take the French manicure way down. So far down, in fact, that the result is what is known as “half moon” nails. This look is a twist on something classic.

• Choose either one or two nails on each hands (either your band fingertips or your thumbs and middle fingertips) and put a design on just those. You are able to accent the look on the rest of the fingernails, but also for those, simple is most beneficial.

• Use rhinestones together with your stiletto fingernails to generate some types of design, such as two parallel vertical lines of the tiny stones down the guts of each toenail.

• The options with lines are unlimited! Do two slim diagonal lines across each toenail for something simple, or create arbitrary lines and complete the areas between them with different colors for something a bit more complex.

• Floral prints are very popular and feminine.

• Try a holiday or seasonal theme and get into the spirit of whatever time of year it is. There are many options for this.

• Make your already daring nails 3D! There are tons of stickers and accessories that can be glued on to make sure that your nails will be a head turner no matter what.

• Now that you’ve been convinced by all the awesome possibilities, you need to know how to get stiletto nails. As mentioned before, these nails are almost always false, and it’s good to learn that prior to going in because you have several options.

The first & most common way is to visit a toenail salon and also have a toenail specialist do them for you. They know very well what they may be doing and you will be able to offer you what you are interested in once you explain your particular really wants to them.

• The other option is to do them yourself. In cases like this, you'll need to buy a false nail package, already in the oval form. Afterward you can document the fingernails to the length and exact shape that you want, either more pointed or slightly more rounded, but remember that stiletto nails usually come to some type of tip.

When you buy the kit, it should come with some nail glue. From there, it’s rather simple. Glue the shaped nails on each nail and then file them again to make sure they match and feel good.

It should also be mentioned that just because stiletto fingernails are known to be super long, it doesn’t imply that they need to be. You are able to still have dramatic stiletto fingernails without heading to insane measures. Just do what you are feeling more comfortable with. If in a short time you need to get crazy, then just do it now! These interesting fingernails will definitely keep you amused!
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