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Top 7 Awesome Chinese Chicken Dishes to Make Your Weekend Full of Tastes

While it comes about the famous cuisines around the world, Chinese cuisines will be on the top. It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t prefer noodles or fried rice. And when it is about chicken preparation, your fingers are not enough to count scrumptious dishes. Chilly chicken and chicken Manchurian are dishes that are prepared by any local restaurants.

But, there are lots of other authentic Chinese chicken preparations which are really unique and made of exclusive ingredients. Today, you will get to know about certain dishes that you may also try at home and make your weekends the happiest. Read on to know more-
  1. Szechwan Chilli Chicken-You are aware of chilli chicken, but how this preparation is famous in the Szechwan province of China? Yes, the name has been derived from the state where it is quite popular. If you are fond of spicy food, this is the dish that will definitely appeal to your taste buds. Peppercorns and oriental spices are the key ingredients of this dish.
  2. Sesame Ginger Chicken-Have you ever thought how sesame can be the main ingredients of preparing a special Chinese chicken dish? Cooked in the sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds, this dish gives you a sweet and sour taste that goes well with spicy noodles or fried rice.
  3. Sweet and Sour Chicken-The name suggests the taste of the dish. Pineapple has been used in this recipe to provide the sweet and sourness in the recipe. The warm flavours of the recipe boost up your senses while the juicy chicken chunks melt in your mouth and leave a great taste to your palette.
  4. General Tso’s Chicken-This is basically a stir-fried dish of chicken which tastes great as an evening snack. Cooked in sweet and sour sauce with scallions and peanuts makes you taste an authentic Chinese cuisine. The peanuts add a layer of taste to your taste buds.
  5. Ginger Garlic Chicken-You will love this dish if you like the flavours of ginger and garlic. The combination of these spices with chicken creates an amazing taste and you can combine it with any type of rice or noodles. When it comes about this special recipe, it is the aroma that makes you feel inclined to this dish.
  6. Posh Chopped Suey-If you are looking for a healthy chicken dish, this will meet your need. Full of lots of vegetables and chicken, you can have it without anything at lunch or dinner. The tempting aroma of Chinese five-spice, oyster sauce and dried Sichuan chilli flakes make this dish taste out of the world. You should try it now.
  7. Chinese Chicken Salad-While talking about the healthy chicken item, this dish from China is a bowl of health, you can say. Prepared with different types of lettuce, freshly chopped coriander leaves and saute chicken, this dish is a powerhouse of nutrition. The roasted peanuts add a layer to this dish.
These are some of the gems from the authentic Chinese cuisine. You can book a table to a Chinese restaurant in this weekend and spend quality time with your beau over these dishes.
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