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Social Media Marketing: One of the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing, in simple terms, can be said as the term referring to the method of garnering traffic or harnessing attention with the aid and assistance of social media sites in order to promote a product or a service and to create awareness plus online visibility of the associated brand.

What is the connection between Social Media & Marketing?

Social media and marketing share a very deep connection. Since a vast majority of the world’s population is active on social media applications like Facebook and Twitter; it serves as a ready ground for a digital marketer to present and promote his/ her product or services.

Social media is an active contributor towards link building which is, in turn, an important part of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, a brand owner can actually target an audience who would be interested in their products. For example, suppose a person is trying to catch on the audience for his/her shoe brand. He/she can easily do it by creating a Facebook Page for his brand and sending out invites as well as discounts to first-time buyers. This way the brand owner can easily promote his/her product through social media. Of course, it is mandatory to provide quality photographs and good content along with contact details.

This was a pretty basic example. If you really want to learn the art of selling products using social media then you must opt for Advanced Social Media Marketing Training certification.

Where to get training and acquire Social Media Marketing Certification?

In my opinion, Advanced Social Media Certification Training provided by Market Motive which is a Simplilearn company is one of the best available in the market. The course is the most preferred one by persons who are interesting in developing and building skills to efficiently sell their products and services over social media. If you really want to become a social media marketing superstar then getting a certification for the same is a must.

Selling products on social media is more like an art of short storytelling rather than simply putting in the product description and photograph for the same. The thing is to make the post or page which you are using for marketing purposes attractive enough to gather the attention of the visitors. This can be done by presenting the information and content in an eye-catching manner. There is a lot more to social media marketing than you can imagine. Here are few tips which might be handy for you when you are trying to sell your products or services over social media.

Essential Social Media Marketing Tips You Must Keep in Mind
  • Be dedicated to social media
As a first tip, I will like you to be allegiant, dedicated and loyal to social media. Social Media Marketing cannot be mastered by the efforts of just one day. It takes months of perseverance, patience, and passion.

It is very tough to capture and grow an audience. However, most people and brands out there generally give up after trying for a few months.

These brands basically lack planning their social media strategy. A good strategy includes your company’s motto, planned content along with your objective and goals. Also, it is mandatory to mention the facts that make your better from your competitors and why people should follow you.

Going without a plan and starting out haphazardly is like going to a war without ammunition.
  • Use different content formats
Social Media Marketing doesn’t only includes written content along with images. It consists of videos too. A very good example of this is YouTube.

You can convert the written content that you are posting onto social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter into quality videos. People generally love to watch videos rather than reading the entire content.

This way, you will be able to gather the attention of people who are into videos and they, in turn, will get redirected towards your written content as well. So, in the end, you will be gathering a larger audience for yourself.
  • Be consistent in delivering or posting content
First of all, you need to put your plans in place and keep your posts interesting as well as relevant to your audience.

Once you are all set with this you need to be present on social media in a consistent manner. It means that you need to put in content in a regular manner. There are several tools available which help you to schedule your posts.

If you stay out for long the audience which you have gathered will likely get disseminated and dispersed. So, maintaining your presence on social media while marketing is of utmost importance.
  • Make good use of Hashtags
You must have used hashtags while posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram and also while updating something on Twitter.

The point here is that you need to stop putting in hashtags in a haphazard manner which you usually do. Build up a nice hashtag for your marketing campaign and use the same for your posts so that you can keep your stuff nicely connected together.
  • Use visual content effectively
Nowadays people lack time to go through the entire content. However, if you make the beginning catchy enough then you are sure to get some audience.

One way to do is to use visual content effectively. When designing graphics for your posting make sure that people come to know what’s inside for them by just seeing the graphic itself. This photograph will come on the top and act like a frame of reference for your post.
  • Focus on one social media channel first
In the beginning, it is not recommended to scatter your marketing campaign on multiple social media channels unless you own a very big brand.

First, sit and develop your audience on one social media channel and gradually move along.

So, these were the essential beginner tips which you must keep in mind for social media marketing. If you learn the art of using social media as an asset then it will really go a long way in building and maintaining your brand’s identity.
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