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Vinyl flooring enjoys a record year for recycling

2017 was a record year for vinyl recycling with over 563 tonnes being collected for recycling. This was helped by a scheme called Recofloor, which collects vinyl from various locations for recycling.

What is being recycled?

The recycling often involves the gathering of offcuts where flooring such as engineered flooring has been cut to size and some is left over. You sign up to the scheme and your offcuts are collected and then taken to be recycled in a suitable facility.

So far, over 700 companies have signed up for the collection service.

What is it being used for?

When you are recycling flooring such as, it can be made into new flooring and other applications where vinyl is needed. Vinyl is used in processes such as window making, pipes and wall covering, and although vinyl is being collected from various sources, there's a shortage of available recyclers to deal with the product currently, which is why this scheme is so important.

Saving the environment

There is more work to be done as not everyone is recycling leftover vinyl, but with the scheme running as it is, an estimated 3,016.80 tonnes of CO2 has been saved: the equivalent of driving round the equator over 1500 times. As well as saving the environment, the scheme is helping to save the participants a lot of money in their waste disposal bills, with costs being cut by up to 70%.

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